Speed! Blazing Speed! 🔥🔥🔥

  • This release comes with some pretty dramatic performance improvements. So hopefully even fewer people will encounter low frame rates in Shmeppy now [1].
  • You can zoom out much further now, until each cell is only 4 pixels wide.
  • Panning has always been restricted by how much has been drawn already. The goal of this is to prevent users from getting lost in the infinite canvas by always having some of their drawing on screen. I’ve greatly extended how far away from what has been drawn that you can pan though.
  • The little clouds drawn in each fog of warred cell would scale very strangely as you zoomed in and out. This wasn’t necessarily a bug, but it was weird. Now they’re always as wide as half a cell. I also lowered their opacity a bit.

[1] Curious about your frame rate? You can enter showFpsCounter() into your Javascript console on Shmeppy to make an FPS counter appear (enter showFpsCounter(false) to hide it). Since Shmeppy isn’t constantly re-rendering the screen (unlike a typical game) it’s a bit harder to interpret than your typical counter but may still be useful.

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