Strange tabbing within payment forms

To tab between fields in the payment forms @Learuis found that they had to tab twice. I went to reproduce this on my computer using Firefox (the browser they used to find this bug) but I could not. Couldn’t do it with Safari either. I’m on a Mac though. Has anyone else seen this?

Here’s @Learuis’s full messages:

- the first time i press Tab to move on to the Exp Date field from the credit card number does not register. pressing it a second time works. this is reproducible when reloading the page
- change payment method fields have the same delay as the initial entry, and the tab issue. I think the tab thing relates to the orange border around the field? the first tab turns it orange, the second tab moves on to the next field and makes it orange

Could not reproduce this on Safari, Firefox, Chrome, nor Edge on my mac. I’ve got a windows partition as well that I’ll try to reproduce this on eventually but it’s quite a time-sink coming in and out of the windows so we’ll see when I wanna tackle that.

I tested in chrome, firefox, and edge on Windows 10 and couldn’t repro. Could be some sort of browser extension that’s messing with it?


omg thank you so much @xymostech :sob:!! I really didn’t want to load up Windows, this was so helpful.

With @xymostech 's hint, I loaded up Firefox in safemode and can confirm that the issue does not occur with no addons loaded at all. The only add-on I run is no-script, and I currently have all of the sites that Shmeppy uses marked as trusted… but it does seem to be part of the problem.


Interesting. The text inputs are iframes into stripe so I can imagine an add-on like no script inadvertently doing some weird things like this, since it’d certainly be interested in those frames.

I’ll be doing some things around the iframes pretty soon (I’m not activating very many of the browser’s security features to protect against XSS currently but I’d like to). Could have an effect since I’d expect most forms like this on other websites would’ve done that.