Subscriptions are coming

I’m a little ways into implementing payment flows for Shmeppy and I want to share my more-concrete plans with ya’ll.

As soon as I complete the dev work, I’m going to release it and Shmeppy will immediately require a subscription to create a new “GM” account (an account that can create and edit games with the full toolset).

All existing accounts will be considered GM accounts for a couple months (like November 1, 2020 is the cutoff I have in mind if I finish the dev work on the timeframe I think I will, though Jan 1 has a nice feel to it too :woman_shrugging:) after which they’ll be downgraded to a Player account unless the user subscribes.

Downgraded accounts will still be able to view and export maps they’ve created, but other players won’t be able to join the games and they won’t be able to edit the maps in Shmeppy.

Once I release the change I’ll send out an email with information about the cutoff and downgrading to all users who’ve accessed Shmeppy in the last two months, and I’ll make some in-product messaging to remind folks too (like a little banner or something).

This thread is still accurate and may have useful info if you haven’t seen it yet: What will Shmeppy eventually cost? What will that look like?

Is it still free? If so when will it not be free? I have been on hiatus from DMing during the school semester and want to run some Thanksgiving/Winter break games. I am willing to support shmeppy, I am just looking for an update on your subscription timeline.

It is still free. Subscriptions will arrive as soon as I’m done with development on adding subscriptions. It’s all I’m focused on at the moment, but my work time has been very irregular, so I can’t give an accurate estimate.

As it pertains to growing your userbase, I think allowing a trial period for new GM accounts would be extremely useful. I don’t think I would have tried Shmeppy at first if it required a subscription immediately. I was more than ready to pay once I realized how perfectly it fit my needs though. Good luck implementing!

Trial would be great. I found about Shmeppy yesterday (23.11) and I fall in love. It is so simple and so clear… Nearly perfect erase map. I showed it my friends and they were intrested - so I think free version would encourage some people to upgrade their Shmeppy account for additional featuers

I can’t remember the last time I was so excited to give someone money. :grinning: