Tablet support lands on the main site!

It took me a few months of work but tablet support has finally come!

Both GMs and Players can now use Shmeppy from a tablet :tada:.

This release is very focused on tablet support. Non-tablet users should see few overt differences. But there were many subtle small changes that affect non-tablet users. Here’s a quick list if you’re curious:

  • Prevent times from updating in Games Bar while it’s animating, which caused a sudden visual jump.
  • On Firefox: make the height of the numeric input in the “1 square = X ft” popup match the height of the text input.
  • On Safari: properly select the URL when you click it in the “Invite users by sharing this page’s URL” box.
  • On mobile devices: show email optimized keyboard when editing email in account form.
  • On mobile devices: show numeric keyboard when editing number fields (in the “1 square = X ft” popup and the background image sizing popup).
  • On Safari (potentially other browsers too): maybe prevent some browser tab crashes… this has been a tricky bug to pin down because I can’t reliably reproduce it.
  • Allow undo to work normally within text inputs on the game page.
  • Capture the mouse/touch when interacting with map or color editor.
  • Prevent more cases of accidental text selection (mainly in the toolbox).
  • Allow panning via right clicking with the pan tool.
  • Fix unbalanced sensitivity of dragging background images (ex: dragging to the left 1 pixel moved the entire image one cell, but required many pixels to go right). Though I now worry it feels too insensitive.
  • Relax (and cleanup) the “grid dimensions from background image filename” regular expression. It now allows spaces and is more permissive about where the dimensions are in the filename. Specifically, it was (?:[\s_.-]|^|)([1-9][0-9]{0,2})x([1-9][0-9]{0,2})(?:[\s._-]|$) (that “or nothing” nonsense in the first non-capturing group is what drew my attention to this again :sweat_smile:) and is now (?:[^0-9]|^)([1-9][0-9]{0,2})\s*x\s*([1-9][0-9]{0,2})(?:[^0-9]|$).

Just patched a bug where Shmeppy thought a double tap occurred if you quickly touched, dragged away, and then touched in the original spot again. This could easily happen while panning around a map quickly.

Please share any other weirdness ya’ll find!

Just made a fairly normal deploy that speeds up reload time and reduces network usage. I don’t want to update the changelog on the top right yet though so I’ll fold it into this release.