Teleportation/Transportation of Tokens Automatically

This idea was discussed on discord.

So I recently built a prison for one of my games, as seen here:

The prison has multiple floors, this is the upstairs, as seen here:

Since this is multiple floors and I didn’t want to use different maps from something so small I had to build it like this:

In the center of each floor is a white square with orange webbing, this represent a spiral staircase that connects the floors.

As such, I had the idea of there being a feature that when a player or DM moves a token on a specific tile or specific special token that Shmeppy could automatically move the token to a linked location that could be set when making the map. It would be much faster than having to drag tokens around.

Additionally, it might be nice if when this happens Shmeppy moved your screen to center on the new location of the token, or maybe not. Just ideas.

(From the discord server)