Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

Just pushed a change adding a Terms of Service and Privacy Policy to Shmeppy. The most important thing (to me) about the ToS is the disclaimer of liability, but it also clears up various minutia that’s fairly useful. I’d like to create a short & succinct one eventually, but that’ll require a sizeable monetary investment (lawyers, am I right?).

Anyways, check out the ToS and PP on the about page. The action of registering now involves explicitly agreeing to the ToS and PP, which begs the question: are current users bound to it yet? I hope so, since that’s easier, but I suspect I’ll need to send an email out to all accounts that registered prior to today to make that explicit.

I also made the about page mobile friendlier with this release. Though it’s still pretty ugly…

My brain is currently chewing on how to approach giving all of Shmeppy a coat of design polish. If you have opinions on Shmeppy’s current appearance and aesthetic, lemme know :).

Oh wow, a different product’s privacy policy that is pretty extreme: https://aytwit.com/about#privacy__rules. They’re not even able to tell how many people accessed their site.