Text box feature?

Ever since I started using Shmeppy their were only 3 things I thought should be added, one of witch has been already, but one of these things were text boxes, if they were to be added I think they should work just like tokens, but have no token circle thing and the players cant move them, however the DM can move them like a token. Maybe you can have control over the color of the text. But I’ve had countless times I wanted to label something and the only way was to add a named token, witch works most of the time, but sometimes the thing would be on a wall and not a tile, making it impossible to put a token on it without the token looking like an object.

There’s been number of requests for something like this. I’ve been interested in a way to label movable areas as a way to track AOE effects, though I’ve seen that big tokens have mostly solved that.