The City of Luskan

Hello! First time posting here.

This is my Shmeppy take on the Forgotten Realms City of Luskan.

I have different High Captains and some other differences but was really proud of this map.

This will be used for a large battle my level 16 party is about to face.

I hope you enjoy!


Goddam! That’s gorgeous. Incredible work.

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Oh my god! Thank you so much! I’ve been using this for my campaign during the quarantine and me and my players love the program. Thanks for all the work you do! :two_hearts:

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Threepwood? :pirate_flag:

Hehehe, yes, only one of my players is old enough to have remembered Monkey Island but he never played them… I like my High Captains to be a bit more fun :stuck_out_tongue:

this map is incredible dude!! i would love to use it, do you mind sharing the exported map?

Luskan Map.json (2.1 MB)

With.JSON files now allowed I have posted it here in case anyone wants to use or modify this for themselves. :smiley:

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This is amazing!

My players are about to break into the sandbox part of Storm King’s Thunder (Chapter 3) and one of their backstories has ties to Luskan… fingers crossed I can push them here and use your incredible work!

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Monkey Island was the shit.