The testing site will continue existing after subscriptions are deployed

I had originally planned to tear down after subscriptions were deployed to the main site, but quite a few more testers signed up than I expected so I’m going to try and continue releasing new and partially-developed features to it. Thank you all!

I’ll tear it down if there ever comes a time when no one’s using it, but it seems like more folks than I thought are interested in helping me test out new Shmeppy features so hopefully that continues.

Note that I haven’t deployed subscriptions yet and I’m not sure sure exactly when I will (it’s terrifying after all).


I’ll implement some way to sync your subscription status between your account on the main site and on so you can always use the main site as a backup without having to resubscribe. But your actual games and everything else will remain totally isolated between the two sites.

If you’d ever like help migrating from the testing site to the main site or vice-versa, please let me know. Though those of you who I’ve asked about this directly have said that exporting and importing games is easy enough.


The testing site will always be less reliable than the main site, merely because it’s used by less people. On the main site, if somethings wrong, someone usually lets me know pretty quickly and I’m able to fix it. But you are way more likely to be the first person to notice that something’s wrong with the testing site.

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Really excited about this!

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