This week's releases: hotkeys and bug fixes

Made a few releases this week…

New Feature :sparkles:

Tools now have hotkeys! Check each tool’s help text to see what their hotkeys are.

Bug Fixes

  • Firefox can no longer drops connections without the server noticing.
  • A bug that could prevent players from joining a game has been squashed.
  • The laser pointer will now work more reliably when users have varying levels of connection quality: slow connections and fast connections.
  • It’s no longer possible for the server to send information to clients out of order. Like if the GM left and came back, the server might’ve erroneously reported to the players “the GM came back and then left” leaving the peer list in a bad state.
  • Fixed a bug where you’d go to register or reset your password and nothing would happen.
  • Several powerful infrastructure improvements that should prevent any bugs similar to these from appearing again.
  • Players can now zoom, not just GMs (oversight on my part when I added that feature that they couldn’t to begin with).