This week's releases: killing a killer bug and a ton of polishing

Made a couple releases this week…

Killer Bug

If you were unlucky with the timing, it was possible for a GM to delete a token as a player was moving it, resulting in the game crashing.

You and your players’ nav bars would no longer load and the specific game that crashed could not be loaded either. This is unrecoverable from the user’s perspective, and a dev (aka me) would need to manually fix the game by editing data in the database.

To fix this, the server now ensures that an operation is valid by looking at the entire history of a game before saving it to the database.


  • Aligned left edge of palette editor with left edge of swatch row.
  • Removed chrome-specific blue outline around a couple elements.
  • Made toolbox vanish when editing palette.
  • Undo and redo buttons have a new look w/ labels.
  • The trigger that makes the “Mobile devices not supported” page appear is now less glitchy.
  • Made forms (including the “Mobile devices not supported” page) accomodate wider phones a little better.