Toggle autosave map changes

I wonder if it would be possible to turn off the autosave changes feature. I see this as useful if you’d like to reuse an initial encounter setup. Moving tokens, removing tokens, removing fog of war, and altering terrain during the encounter can leave maps looking like shadows of their original.

This tool is incredible btw. The perfect level of detail and features I was looking for.


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Shmeppy has the entire history of every map, it just doesn’t give users any way to interact with that history at the moment (except for undo/redo). But I plan to add a history explorer at some point, and a “create a new map from this point in this map’s history” sounds like it’d satisfy this desire pretty well.

I also plan to add a simpler “duplicate the current map” feature, which I think would also satisfy this.

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Thanks for the reply! It seems like a duplicate feature would be the easiest way and I agree that it would address this need.