Tutorial tooltip and a trio of bugfixes

Made three bug fixes just now:

  • The links in the account dropdown (ie: “Account”, “Logout”, “Help & Community”) were clickable even when the dropdown was invisible: you just had to click on the top right of any page. Now they’re not.
  • If you log out and back into another account, then went and looked at the “Games” sidebar, you’d see the last user’s games instead of your own. Now you’ll see your own.
  • When switching between games, the selected tool did not reset. So you could still have the fill tool selected, even on a game where you don’t have permission to use the fill tool. Now the pan tool is selected whenever you navigate away from a game.

Finally I added a bit of in-product tutorial/onboarding in the form of a tooltip for the eyedropper. It tells you to “Click & Drag” if you don’t move the eyedropper over the map after clicking it. Here’s an action shot: