Typing feature for labels

In the tutorial gif there are labels typed onto the tokens. Is there a way to do this? Am I missing something?


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If you double click a token with the token tool, you can edit its label.

The little tooltips that appear when you hover over tools in the toolbox list the things you can do with each tool and how to do them.


Thanks! I figured everything else out. As simple as this is, I should have had it figured out… I was having a moment.

This is the best of the VTT systems ive seen. well done! And thank you!


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No worries, your definitely not the first to have that same confusion.

And thank you :blush:, I’ve been working hard on it.

The labeling token feature is often a tad hard to use. I think its both an interface and lag issue.

Could you talk more about how it’s difficult? For example, is it challenging to double click a token such that you begin editing it because lag prevents the double click from registering?

Yee, the lag prevents it. In addition, sometimes double clicking simply awkwardly moves the token instead of bringing up the label. Also hard to identify when you have activated the label at times.

Oh man that’s hella laggy then, interesting. Thanks for sharing that, I’m glad performance work is high on my priorities already. Hopefully I’ll be able to make that situation better very soon.

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