Verifying your email

Trying to verify your email but having trouble? Here’s some hopefully useful information for some specific problems. Contact support if you’re still having trouble.

I have an email address and can’t find the verification email

Comcast will immediately and permanently delete emails it thinks are spam instead of putting them in your junk folder. Please follow these instructions to enable the “Save a copy of emails marked as spam” feature and then have Shmeppy resend the email by registering again.

You should then see an email from Shmeppy appear in your junk folder.

Shmeppy says the email was delivered but I can’t find it

We have some specific instructions for users with an email address. Otherwise…

If you’re sure that you entered your email address correctly (ie: there’s no typos in what you wrote) then some filter has caught Shmeppy’s email and done something with it. For example, your junk mail filter may have placed it in your junk folder (or even deleted it!).

There is rarely anything we can do from Shmeppy’s side in this case. The problem is somewhere on your email provider’s end (either in your configuration or your email provider’s configuration). Searching the internet for help articles specific to your email provider is your best bet (ex: you could search on Google for yahoo mail missing email).

If all else fails you can try using a different email address.

My email is stuck on “Delivery Delayed”

Some email providers (most often Yahoo Mail and Hotmail) will temporarily reject emails coming from small-volume senders like Shmeppy. When they do this, we’ll keep retrying according to the interval the email provider tells us to (usually every 10 minutes), but there’s no way for us to know when they’ll accept our emails again.

The problem often clears up after a single retry. But it can sometimes take a few hours, and there’s one time I can remember where it took a full day for a provider to start accepting our emails again.

Your only option for speeding up this process is registering with an email from a different provider (ex: if you provided an email address, then you could try registering with an address). You can always change your email sometime after you’ve registered.

Shmeppy says my email has been “marked as invalid”

You probably made a typo when you entered your email. If you’re sure that you didn’t, keep reading…

When Shmeppy tries to send an email to and the delivery fails because the email address doesn’t exist, our email sending service will mark it as invalid. So now if Shmeppy later tries to send another email to, our email sending service won’t even try sending the email and will instead just say “this email is invalid.”

This can occasionally be a problem if an email is marked as invalid but sometime later the email address becomes valid.

If you’re sure your email address is valid, just send an email to Shmeppy support from the email address that Shmeppy’s email provider is claiming is invalid and we’ll manually remove the mark.