"View map as player" button

A way to view the map you’re editing as a player would be very nice. Some kind of checkbox/toggle button. It would be an easy and quick way to ensure that the fog of war is correctly applied.

This was requested by Qwiddle on Discord. It’s also been a feature on my mind for awhile, so it has probably been requested before.


Also is worth adding for any DMs who use it as a battlemat in their irl games. Allows them to quickly switch between editing and showing the players when their screen is being used for both sides of play. +1


+1 for this feature
I tried to workaround using another browser but the login force me to create a “fake” account only to view the map as a player

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+1. It took less than 5 minutes for me to want to try this when I first logged into Shmeppy an hour ago - and only being able to see the DM view as disheartening. I feel like before I try this with players, I have to set up an extra dummy account to test what it will be like for them. It absolutely feels like something that will lose you users.

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+1. Made second account to log in with on another browser to be able to view as player.

+1. How do I see what a player will see? I don’t want to spoil the game by showing them the whole map without making sure it’s set up correctly. I also don’t want to set up a separate account just to test

+1, I’m new to the tool and i actually came to the forums to see if this was a feature that I just didn’t know how to use, so definitely could use something like this.


This has made it onto the April 2020 Roadmap so should be arriving soon :sparkles:.


A little later than anticipated, but it’s now available to everyone :slight_smile:.



And wow - I am glad to have this. Even though I knew what I was hiding with fog, how the map looks to players with fog did not match my internal perception of it! Just need to adjust to make sure they have some context of where they are.

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