What about a Kickstarter?

Kickstarters are often used by people who think they have a great idea and need startup funding to bring that idea to a usable, sellable product. Occasionally, there’s a product in its alpha stages or slightly further.

Shmeppy really seems primed for a Kickstarter though! It’s already an expertly made product, just missing additional features. John has a roadmap/timeline they’re looking to follow, which is something that helps Kickstarters.

And what about the exposure factor? Having a successful Kickstarter would really bring it into the playing field of other VTT services in terms of community awareness.

Offering a discounted 3 month, 6 month, 1 year, etc DM subscription may work well. Not sure what else can be offered as backer rewards. Maybe backer exclusive features like music integration, background map uploads, or exclusive token shapes?

What do you guys think? What possible downsides could there be?

I started working on a kickstarter long ago before I really got into Shmeppy’s development. I learned quite a lot about what making a kickstarter means and what you get out of it.

There aren’t any problems that I have currently that Kickstarter will help with unfortunately.