When are background images coming?

Development is coming along well and the fine folks who’re using the testing server have been feeding me lots of good feedback. Here’s a look at what’s currently available on the testing site:


There’s a decent amount more work to do but if I were to give a rough guess I’d say I’ll be ready to release to the main site within a month :crossed_fingers:.

If you’re itching to use it before then and don’t mind helping test a buggy incomplete feature, you can join the testing site. Here’s the instructions I have in Discord for joining the testing site:

If you want to start using the testing site, make a player account on https://testing.shmeppy.com/ using the same email that you use on the main site and then email support@shmeppy.com from that email asking to merge your subscriptions. (I made a forum post about this awhile ago: How to share a subscription between the main site and testing site)


Oh, wow! This looks extremely useful and I am very excited.