Where can i see the feature roadmap/priority list?

Hi there,

Im gearing up to start another campaign soon and would like to use shmeppy for it.

Where can i see which features will be compelted soon?

Thank you,


I post roadmaps and updates on the forum and Discord occasionally. There’s no better place where you can see what features will be completed soon. I’ve been doing some contract work for a friend of mine the past couple weeks and I’m visiting my family next week. So there’s nothing super interesting that’s about to be released.

The work I’ve done that hasn’t been deployed is just some details around interacting with Shmeppy’s various forms (like login, register, and account) on mobile devices. I’ve been meaning to start running some Facebook ads, and I want to give the background images features some more polish (auto-alignment to compliment the auto-sizing, and better progress/error reporting when adding an image). But I’m not sure exactly what I’ll be working on once I’m back from visiting my family.

I see, OK. Looking forward to an implemented dice roller! Shmeppy was great for visuals in my last campaign but constantly alt-tabbing to roll dice was a bit of a pain.

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