Who'd be interested in using "nightly" versions of Shmeppy?

Would anyone be interested in using “nightly” versions of Shmeppy?

You’d be using buggy, partially-complete features in an isolated version of Shmeppy (separate accounts and maps from those on shmeppy.com).

There’s a bunch of features coming up this year that I think will take multiple weeks to complete, and it’d be cool to get people’s input (and found bugs) at different parts of each feature’s development.

Locke#9558 on Discord expressed interest.

Oscar#1409 on Discord expressed interest.

Can you make a brief of the nightly feature added?

Sorry, I don’t understand what you’re asking @anon16339823. What do you mean by “nightly feature added”?

What features currently exist in the nightly version of Shmeppy?

Ah, there’s no nightly version of Shmeppy currently. I made this thread to figure out if anyone would be interested in using a nightly version of Shmeppy if I did make one.