Wind Waker like Campaign (seafaring campaign map)

So this is my attempt of having lots of different islands all over for my players to find. This is my current campaign map and my players have been loving as they sail and then discover new islands. Since I am using tokens as the placeholders for the islands I can name them all so my players can keep track and the circles just make me think of islands. there are two main larger islands that have water borders outlined by the large straightish lines. and most dungeons or islands I made other maps for those islands specifically. Anyway, I love my map for this kind of play, and hopefully, you might also like it.

Also, if anyone has cool island ideas or ways to put them on my map I’d love to hear about that too!

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I think you forgot to attach the screenshot?

It had never occurred to me to use Shmeppy as a world map. Very nice. If you are looking for different ways to show islands overlapping tokens is fun.


Thanks for the idea of world mapping.

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Oh wow I didn’t even think of using the tokens like that with overlaps! So thanks for that suggestion as well. And really like those color schemes.