You can now easily delete your account

Previously the only way to delete your account was to email This is marginally acceptable for a product that purports to be in “earliest access” but in preparation of Shmeppy’s exit from its “earliest access” status I wanted better.

Now there’s a link to “Delete your account” on the account page. If you click it you’ll be brought to a page that looks like one of (depending on whether you have a forum account):

Screen Shot 2020-08-13 at 12.26.12 AM

Once you hit “Delete Account”, all of your maps and your account are deleted. You’ll have 7 days to undo deletion, but after that, the deletion is permanent (a little after this transition to permanent-ness, your forum account will be deleted too if you had one).

This took awhile because I wanted to do give folks that undo-window. Accidental account deletion sounded like a nightmare to recover from, and I didn’t want to deal with the support tickets.

The next big-ticket item I’ll be starting on is payment flow work… I’m sure many of you aren’t the most excited to have to start paying for Shmeppy, but I’m real pumped to finally find out without any doubt whether Shmeppy can pay my bills. (If you have questions about this transition to paid, check out What will Shmeppy eventually cost? What will that look like? first)

Happy Shmepping ya’ll!