You can now import and export maps

You can now export your Shmeppy map as an image, or as a “backup”.

Backups can be imported by you (or someone you’ve given the file to). This also allows maps to be duplicated via an export and import :sparkles:.

I hope this encourages folks to share their maps more readily. I love seeing what ya’ll make in #gallery.

I plan to touch up some things with these added features in the coming days. Notably, error handling is a bit clunky (you’ll just get an alert with an error message if something grows wrong during the import/export process). And I also want to add an actual “Duplicate” button, since it’s kinda silly that you have to export and import again.

Happy Shmepping y’all!


Fantastic! I’ve been looking forward to this!

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3 Shmeps for Shmeppy!

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This is a fantastic feature!!! Cheers!!

ps. what do you think about a subforum where we can share map files? I’ve been making a few for some maps from the Descent into Avernus module that some other people might find useful, and from some screenshots i’ve seen here there’s some amazing maps people have been creating


The #gallery is an appropriate place for those. #uncategorized posts always welcome as well if any of the categories don’t seem to fit.

Awesome, this opens up quite some possibilities! It also eases my inherent dread of using hosted software that might be gone too soon :wink:

(By the way, RLE of the fills/edges might help to get the file size down a bit.)