A couple small updates

I’ve been bouncing between working on Background Images and (separately) Map Export for the last few weeks, and it’ll be awhile before either gets deployed in front of ya’ll.

But I’ve got a couple more small changes for ya’ll in the meantime.

Scrolling a long peer list

If the peer list gets too long, a scrollbar will appear and you’ll be able to scroll up and down.


Macs with a track pad can behave a little strangely though. A scrollbar that you can click won’t appear, instead you’re expected to use two-finger scrolling (this is a mac-specific thing, not a Shmeppy-specific thing).

This was a problem though, because all two-finger scrolling actions, regardless of where they happened on the page, were caught by Shmeppy and turned into panning around the map. In other words, you wouldn’t be able to scroll the peer list, you’d just end up scrolling around the map.

I’ve made a change that allows users to scroll the peer list with their trackpad now (and incidently, with a scroll wheel on a mouse).

More Anonymous Nouns

Awhile back I put out a spreadsheet containing nouns to use for anonymous users. For example, a noun “Gelatinous Cube” would be used to create the name “Anonymous Gelatinous Cube”.

I totally forgot to update Shmeppy’s codebase with the nouns ya’ll added… until now! Lots of new nouns have been added :slight_smile:. I didn’t use all of the nouns from the spreadsheet, and some I modified before using, but most of the nouns ya’ll added to the list are now in Shmeppy. Thank you to everyone who contributed!

Happy Shmepping ya’ll!


Just to let you know, this works great on my chromebook. Know that’s not your primary development target, but still, I’ve encountered no major issues on that platform. Nice additions.

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