Feature Request: Import/Export Options

I’m in the process of writing a campaign, and the maps have gone through several revisions. As I’m designing, I’ve been tracking changes with the following setup:

The only (major) downside is that Gridmapper is not a play-ready solution, so I’m stuck duplicating maps in Shmeppy or elsewhere for real play. I’d love to cut other mapping tools out entirely, and just use Shmeppy, but that would require some way for me to export maps, check them into git, and re-import them when I want to make further changes.

I’d love to see a simple “save as JSON” and “load JSON” (or whatever file format is easiest given how the maps are currently stored in your database) option for Shmeppy.

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Export to images at least is already planned. Exporting in a format that can be reimported is a good idea that someone else mentioned this week as well, and I’ll probably do that.

Maps are stored in Shmeppy as a list of revisions, similarly to git. Do you think a Google-Docs-esque history interface that let you go back and forth in time would satisfy the desire you have to store your maps in git?

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It’s not my first preference, as I’d like to own a format that’s at least in theory portable, but it’s definitely a big step in the right direction for me!

This was done in You can now import and export maps.