Clean up signing into the forum on mobile and fix pan jumping

Signing into the forum on mobile devices

This forum has great mobile support but mobile devices and still don’t mix very well. Because you need to go to in order to login to this forum though, things get a little weird.

I’ve cleaned up the flow a little bit today (it was extra-borked before) and hopefully what I’ve set up will let us survive until has proper mobile-support. The expected flow is now:

The second flow is definitely awkward, but hopefully not horrific. Unfortunately, doing much better will require a fair amount of technical work, and I’d rather just devote that work to other things so that we can get closer to having real mobile support in Shmeppy. Do let me know if this is a pain though, there’s definitely more I can do if it is.

Pan jumping

If you pan with a mouse using short quick movements, you might experience “jumping.”


I tracked this down to what I feel like must be a bug in either Firefox or React.js, but regardless of whose fault it is or whether it’s a bug at all, I was able to fix it. You shouldn’t get jumping anymore :).