This week's releases: polishing, support, and a scarecrow for mobile users

I made several releases this week, here’s a summary of them all…

New Emails

I’ve created the first couple email addresses: and The latter was previously available at and is plugged into the same ticketing system.

Mobile Users Beware

f you attempt to register or login using a touch screen you’ll be presented with a warning that Shmeppy doesn’t support mobile devices yet. You’ll only ever be shown the warning once per session. This is part of my work on Shmeppy’s onboarding and sticks with the theme of trying to integrate tutorial content seamlessly into the product (in this case, which devices are supported).

Perhaps ironically, this release also makes all of the forms more mobile-friendly (registration, forget password flow, login, account editing, and a few more). The main game page is still completely inoperable on mobile though.

Bug Fixes

  • Undo/Redo buttons now have a drop shadow to contrast it from the map if there’s a light color below them.
  • Fixed a bug where tool hotkeys could stop working temporarily after you clicked the “Games” button (the one that hides/shows the navbar).
  • Just made a small release fixing a very niche bug: the undo button wasn’t enabled when there was only a “pending operation” to be undone, now it is!