Connectivity Issues

Does anyone have recommendations for improving the connectivity? Nothing else I’m running seems to have a problem, but this constantly lagging and then reconnecting. I really like the set up, but right now it takes too long to create something.

Oh no! This isn’t something I want to be happening.

I took a look at Shmeppy’s logs and I see that your connections are ending because your computer isn’t responding to pings in time. When I visited the map you used last on my computer, I noticed that whenever the map was modified, Shmeppy froze up for a moment.

My computer is pretty beefy, so my guess is that your computer is slightly less beefy and freezing up for much longer, causing Shmeppy to be too slow to respond to the server’s pings: thus reconnections.

I’ll look deeper into this, but in the meantime could you check whether you see this issue in a new map? (Because I don’t get this same lag in any other maps I’ve checked out)

I’ve figured out what’s causing the slowness, I’ll see if I can fix it today. It’s a tricky issue with a low-level part of Shmeppy though, so we’ll see how quickly I’m able to resolve this.

I’ve made a release that hopefully fixes this issue (Performance and backups). Could you confirm whether you still see the same problem or not?

Holy cow that was fast!
That seems to have fixed things on my end, everything is flowing smoothly now. Thank you so much for figuring that out already. Sorry for not being more responsive on here yesterday.