Default Color Schemes

I love the color swatch feature and I’ve redone the color selection to fit my needs. Would be nice to be able to make new colors Default for new games.


I’d like to be able to have a second color palette and swap between them. For example, my players like to have bright colors associated with their tokens, but I want a range of environmental colors for labeling objects. If I could create a set of palettes and share them between my games that would be ideal.


I frequently run out of colours when making maps, and certainly do when adding tokens.

A work-around is to keep a small “painter’s palette” of single blocks I use to pick-up colours. This is most handy for custom mix colours, when I want a shade for wheat or a grey for shadows or the like.

Sometimes I even remember to put it under a fog, but I’ve had to explain the little random block of colours in the bottom corner to the players a couple of times.

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This topic got slightly hijacked by a different issue, but just cirous @johncs, would it be possible to save our changes to the palette as default?

It did get hijacked didn’t it :sweat_smile:, my bad. I split off the bug hunt into a separate topic.

A personalized default color palette has been talked about before. I think it’s probably possible to do in a nice way. I have a growing number of changes to the color picker so it’ll probably be a nice overhaul project once I get into it. Having a simple “save as default” button would probably work well.