Feature Request: Measure Tool Memory

I wonder if it’s possible for something to the effect where the last measurement remains on the map, perpetually, possibly until a new measurement is made. It would be kind of like setting a ruler on top of the wet erase and just leaving it there. A player’s measurement might only be visible to the player.

I was thinking it might be nice to sort of help the player quicken their turns during combat, so the player can spend less time re-measuring.

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I found a way to store an measure on the screen, seemingly only for the user using the measure tool. If you measure something then change to another tool using the hotkeys, the measure circle stays on the screen. You could then also use the other tools, perfect for drawing in the tiles filled by a circle. This seems to be a bug, but quite an useful bug!

Here is a visual:


Ahaha yes definitely a bug. I guess I can wait to fix it until measuring is better. I’ve got a lot of ideas for how to improve measuring and satisfy these needs, but I don’t have any idea when I’ll implement them…

  • Show the distance moved when dragging a token.
  • Show the length of an edge or filled-rectangle while dragging.
  • Allow the laser to be clicked and dragged to share a measurement with all connected peers.

Saving a measurement onto the map isn’t something I have concrete ideas for how to do, but I suspect that the problems that saving a measurement onto the map would alleviate might also be alleviated by the features I listed.