FoW, line of sight and the trouble they cause

New to Shmeppy awa forum but anyhow - great work, good on ya! KISS:ing makes this world a better place.

I cannot find a solution for the trouble as per subjects so I try a thread. Here goes.

I love FoW, I am not in favour of live/dynamic FoW but there is a middle ground that is hard to reach w S:y as far as I know.

One scenario: Our bold heroes ventures stealthy through the terrain, among the derelict houses and rusty car wrecks there might be foes and they have to leave quietly or things will go tits up. Bow, arrow and dagger does the trick. Slowly, slowly, catchy monkey.

Wow, a great atmosphere here, lets keep this going. PC:s edging forwards, what hides behind that corner?

As GM FoW is your friend here but it becomes tricky with several PCs and objects in their path. PCs should really think carefully if it is worth taking that one more step to reach a vantage point as they might find themselves snout-to-snout with a Howler instead. What hides in that darkness…

[EDIT] As I recently found this the entire following clause became obsolete
[Line of sight is of essence, to make sure that FoW is removed properly GM has to use the ruler and touch the corner of that, yes, perfect, now we reveal… No, wait here, project the line again so I can… , right click, right click, ruler again - darn! Too much revealed and this took quite some time and I will have to do this several times ahead…

So, what to do? Removing fog is done square-by-square or by custom rectangle to rid larger areas. Where is the tool that makes a line like the ruler but reveals the foggy squares along the line? Anchor the PC with a click and drag the line, hold until the line is right, release et voilà, LoS is revealed. Quickly sector/s are identified and FoW ‘inside’ the lines are now easily removed by traditional means. Or [key] is held and an entire sector is revealed or [key]+[another key] is held and now we can lock distance as well, great when things happens during bad visibility (dusk, fog, what have you) Anyhow, ample amounts of darkness left. Atmosphere maintained.

And no ‘just pop some tokens when they come around the corner’ wont cut it. There are times for that but far from always.

So, is there some way to do revealing by LoS that I haven’t found out or is this a feature request?
[EDIT] Just found this and it is one heck of a feature for being a bug. Solves alot for me.