Feature request: select colors via number keys (or similar shortcut)

Title says it all, I hope.

I adore how quick it is to draw anything in Shmeppy, and the main reason is that I can keep the mouse cursor where I am drawing because there are shortcut keys for everything… except for color selection, that is. I would love to see keyboard shortcuts for selecting colors. Ideally the number buttons, i.e. pressing 1 selects the leftmost color tile (the white one in the default color palette), 2 the second from the left (light grey in default color palette), etc.


Oh, great idea, this seems easy enough, though I’d like if there was some hint in the UI that this was possible… maybe some small numbers in the swatches.

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yessss! I tried hitting the numbers thinking it might work, instinctively.

A hint would be great, yes. How about a mousover, similar to how each tool has a mousover explaining how to use it?

Just wanted to throw my hat in the ring for this feature. I love that all the tools have keyboard shortcuts, map creation would flow even more if the colors did too!

Was just coming to suggest this as well!

Forgot to update this thread when I made the release… but this was added in Hotkeys for palette colors