Feature Request: token transparency

Playing with ongoing spell effects we encountered a situation where having transparency on tokens would have been marvelous. Being able to have a large effect circle/token up, while still being able to see the detail beneath could be a HUGE benefit.

Thoughts on that capacity?

Eventually Shmeppy will support a way to create “labeled regions.” These’ll be objects which are similar to tokens (they’re moveable and have a label attached) but can cover an arbitrary group of cells and are translucent.

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Thank you! You’re killin it!

Is there any chance when that comes out that there will be a “GM only” view mode for them? for hidden traps/creatures etc?

I think that’ll have to be separate… I used to think that labeled regions might be able to provide “GM only” notes and things, but as my design for the labeled region tool solidifies, I don’t think that’ll happen.

I do want to provide a way to annotate things with “gm only” notes… but I don’t know of a good way yet. A “gm only” layer is currently my best idea. This’d let GMs use any of the tools to mark up the map, but I have a lot of concerns with the idea, so… :woman_shrugging:

it definitely seems to be jumping to the edge of the realm of what youre trying to make Shmeppy be. So I totally get it!

I came here make this exact request (transparent tokens), and I’m glad to see there’s already some interest in building a similar feature.

Shmeppy is already fantastic, but I would be happy to see transparent tokens and/or moveable labeled regions added at some point.