Fog of War Color Interaction

I’ve noticed a slight issue with the eyedropper tool when interacting with squares covered by FoW. The eyedropper copies the color slightly darkened by the FoW, rather than the actual color of the square. I assume that this isn’t intended but is just a result of how the tool itself is meant to work.

Obviously, it is easy to just un-fog the square you’re trying to copy, but it might be more intuitive if the eyedropper bypassed FoW altogether. I think changing the interaction between the eyedropper and the FoW would better follow the three traits of Shmeppy’s design because it would be faster for adding and changing existing maps that already have FoW, and it would be more intuitive for new mapmakers who might not realize why the color is suddenly appearing darker than before.

I agree. I plan to make the eyedropper grab the color that was used in the palette to draw the item the mouse is over (whether that be a token, edge, or fill).

We talked about this a bit over at: