"How to" document?

Hi There - I’m assessing some online mapping tools and this seems to be a great idea, but for the life of me it just doesn’t seem that intuitive? I’ve used power point, visio, etc. so not a neophyte when it comes to drawing tools… Is there some documentation on features and use anywhere?



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The only documentation that exists is built into Shmeppy in the form of the reference that appears when you hover over a tool in the toolbox.

I haven’t received many questions on how to use Shmeppy, so I’ve never been sure what sorts of things would be useful to have documentation for.

If you have the time, I’d love to hear any particular confusions you have, and what kind of documentation you think would be useful.

I’ve been playing with a lot of map products lately and I now get Shmeppy… and really do prefer it. It’s kind of old gamer chic. We NEVER prep maps and wing it on an old wet erase mat. So this is very much like that. I would LOVE to see a free hand pen option, unless I’m missing something.

Do you mean now after reading this help document you understand Shmeppy?

You’re not missing anything, and you’re not alone.

No… just really unfamiliar with map making utilities, so it wasn’t that intuitive before. S’all good now though. Just wish it had a few more features, which I’ll add to another thread. Keep up the good work!

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