My thoughts post a real game

Firstly I love this product, it’s going to be amazing. I ran an online game with it earlier in the week and had I 3/5 users connected directly, and was screen sharing via Skype to the other two. Will be using this for the next two months or so for our weekly game.

  • Bug: I went all out on a map at and whatever I’ve done made token updates take several seconds for each change, which was unbearable. I started again from scratch and didn’t use as many colours or edges and it was much better. I had 300+ tokens on that map when it was fully populated with sahuagin, but I have a weird gut feeling it was the edge tool interacting with FOW somehow? I didn’t use edges as much on the new lower effort map and it is much better.

Features requests and thoughts


  • Adding images to tokens would… be not something our group needs. I know some people are vocal about it but it’s a bit of a “meh” for us. The only benefit would be to be more easily identify commanders vs minions and that could be done in other ways
  • Duplicate token option (if the token colour you want to duplicate isn’t in the palette, the process is currently pretty involved)
  • A ‘shelf’ to pre-popuate with tokens (pre-named, coloured, sized) you can drag out, like the colour palette?
  • A way to copy tokens between maps - for PC tokens and consistency of bad guy colours
  • Symbols on tokens - a star or single letter overlay or something to mark ‘special’ tokens would be great.
  • larger token sizes (I know it’s planned)

Map building

  • More colours in the palette would be amazing.
  • Flood fill option
  • Custom map background colour / ‘deleted’ tile colour
  • Double/alt click a palette colour to edit the colour
  • Trap symbol or note token that’s only visible to GM regardless of FOW for the square (They can see the square, but there’s a trap on it)
  • POI markers or symbols to reference items - currently just colouring the square or edge gold
  • Map notes - currently just using a token hidden with FOW next to the room
  • Toggle to hide fog of war symbols temporarily for GM
  • Stairs symbols / arrows

Map management

  • Export map as image?
  • Duplicate map option - I need to duplicate a level to have different versions for pre and post invasion, with areas damaged and different tokens set up. At the moment I’m either going to have to do it super quick on the fly with FOW or hope the timing works so I can do the changes between sessions.
  • A forum area to show off people’s maps for inspiration

In general I love this site so much and will use it every chance I can.


What an amazing post! Thank you for writing all this up. I’ll be dissecting this post for a little while I think. A lot of these requests are things that I have some plans to address, but some others I never thought of. Like “Double/alt click a palette colour to edit the colour” is a great idea, and super easy to do. Simple little shortcut.

Notably “A forum area to show off people’s maps for inspiration” is something that ya’ll don’t need any help from me for. Feel free to share off your maps :slight_smile:! Just put them in “Uncategorized”. If there ends up being a ton of them we can make a category at some point to make them more easily browsable.

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Two more sessions down, some further thoughts:

  • Ability to send a link to a specific part of a map (multiple maps with multiple stairs / multiple entrances on a big map, people had trouble finding where they were)

  • I previously mentioned duplicating tokens, some sort of auto numbering would be helpful too (minion 1, minon 2, … minion 10)

  • Drag multiple tokens at once (needed to move a squad of tokens across the map, would have been slightly easier to delete and re-create them)

  • Player accidentally dragged and dropped their token into a fog of war area

  • Measure tool in feet (with 5/10 ft per square option)

  • Players legitimately love having a map and find it really cool.

  • Read only map link


+1 on the duplicate token and ‘save’ token requests. I was thinking this would be very useful.