Remove the zoom tool in favor of double-clicking with the Pan tool

You’d double click to zoom in and double right-click/alt-click to zoom out. Would anyone be sad to see the zoom tool vanish?


As long as the double click is not too finicky, I think this sounds like a great way to reduce the number of controls. I often forget to switch between pan and zoom in the heat of gameplay.

The only way I’m likely to consistently zoom is scroll wheel, which I was glad to see was implemented as at least a secondary input, so as long as that stays I’m good.


Personally I would be sad to see it go, as my mouse double-clicks somewhat often which would make me zoom in a lot unintentionally.

I like the zoom tool, but adapting to zooming being within the panning feature wouldn’t be the toughest thing.

That being said, I rarely actually select the panning tool. I much prefer clicking the scroll wheel button and dragging to pan around.

It’s hard for me to really imagine what it’ll be like - my vote is to push it to the test server and lets try it out :slight_smile:

Always jumble the two. I vote yes.

It’s live on the testing server! Check it out.

Playing around with it myself I feel like I want there to be a good way to zoom all the way in or out rapidly. I find myself rapidly double clicking instead which is annoying.

Mind you I’m always on my laptop when using Shmeppy, but so far I’m definitely preferring the zoom function being within the Pan tool and getting rid of the Zoom tool altogether.

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I play on the testing serve and yesterday ran a session that was mainly combat for like 2 hours. I didn’t even notice this change, and I hadn’t read this post yet. During actual combat, I am normally staying on the token tool and then clicking the middle mouse to pan, and ctrl+scroll to zoom in and out. I switch over to the measure and laser tools, but am normally switching back to the token pretty quickly.

I guess what I’m saying is cutting the dedicated zoom tool is completely good by me, as long as these other methods for zoom and pan stay integrated.