Combine zoom and pan tools

A little while ago I asked folks how they’d feel about me combining the zoom and pan tools (Remove the zoom tool in favor of double-clicking with the Pan tool).

@Learuis suggested pushing it to the test site to see how it feels and now I’ve done just that! Check it out and let me know how it feels.

Cool! glad to see it on the testing site! Immediate feedback after playing around a little bit - double right click feels weird to me. Why not just single right click to zoom out? Or perhaps -

Click and drag - Pan
Double click - center the screen on the target square at the current zoom level
Alt-left click - Zoom in
Alt-right click - zoom out

Alt + Click is the same as Right Click throughout Shmeppy, so I feel like it would be inconsistent to use Alt + Right Click distinctly from Right Click. My reasoning for doing that is that right clicking can be a bit awkward with some mice. It can be weird with some trackpads and there are plenty of physical mice out there that only have one button, though I don’t know how common they are anymore.

Allowing a single right click to zoom out with a double left click to zoom in might be interesting… it sounds a strange to have the asymmetry, but it might be alright. I was thinking of having every click after the second click trigger a zoom too, rather than every other, so that might make it feel a bit more consistent.

Hmm… I feel like this is going to end up feeling too weird, but probably worth a shot.