Seeking beta testers for subscription system

I’ve made an isolated version of Shmeppy available at It’s set up to actually charge money for subscriptions.

The Worst Deal of a Lifetime

If you are somehow willing to use a version of Shmeppy where the only difference is that it’s less stable and that you have to pay for it, please switch over to using the test site for your games.

This is not a good deal. Only do this if you want to help me test Shmeppy at your own risk and expense. It will charge your card! You will receive my everlasting gratitude in return but that has questionable worth :sweat_smile:.

Still reading? Rad :sweat_smile:

Note that it won’t prevent you from using the GM tools if you don’t have a subscription yet, it’s incomplete. But the parts that I really want tested are present (namely the parts that actually involve charging your card and such) which is why I think it’s a good time to seek some testers.

Reach out to me on Discord or via email ( if you use it (or are considering using it and would like to talk first). I’m extremely interested in your experience. And if you find anything that feels even remotely like a bug, please tell me! Finding bugs is the point of this exercise.