Welcome to the Testing Channel!

When I posted Seeking beta testers for subscription system I thought it was a pipe dream that even one person would use the testing site, but felt it was worth trying just because of how valuable it would be to have an actual user who’s not me testing it.

Well now there’s about a half-dozen people who’ve signed up for this awful deal.

Ya’ll are real kind to me and I appreciate each of you a lot.

A new subforum

I’ve made this #testing-channel category as a place where I can post releases I make to the testing channel (which is what I’m calling testing.shmeppy.com) as well as a place for us to collect any feedback and bugs found on the site.

I’ve hidden this category from digest emails so as not to bother other Shmeppy users with stuff that doesn’t concern them at all. But if you’d like to receive emails when posts appear in this category you’ll have to play with your notification settings (tbh I’m not sure what you need to do… if you figure it out lemme know).

I’ve gotten a few pieces of feedback from ya’ll already and I’m going to transcribe any feedback I’ve received over Discord into posts in this category.

Anyways, happy Shmepping ya’ll :slight_smile:. I hope the testing channel works great and no one runs into trouble, but I’ll be ready if problems are found.