Share/export/import/clone maps

What if “Games” could be exported and shared with the community, allowing for any GM to just ‘clone’ a template and choose what to copy over ie (just map, add fog, add tokens).

There’s lots of cool maps in “Show and tell” that have a lot of work put into them, so why not allow others to enjoy them as well? As a creator I’d be flattered if people used any of my maps, and make the effort into creating maps a lot more worth it.

This could be particularly useful for “side quests” type of maps, as well as for official campaigns where the same maps/dungeons get played by lots of different groups.


There’s some talk of this over at Feature Request: Import/Export Options. And I’m working on this right now actually, here’s my dev server at the moment:


This was done in You can now import and export maps.