Subscription Launch FAQ

Table of Contents

If you have additional questions, or follow-up questions to any of the answers here, please make a new topic on this forum or reach out on Discord.

Why do we have to pay now?

I’ve been scrounging and living off my savings while developing Shmeppy: chasing my Shmeppiest dreams. I’d like for Shmeppy to remain free forever but I don’t have infinite savings and I live in the US so I’ll be in serious trouble when I run out of money.

So to keep working on Shmeppy full-time, which I really want to do, I need Shmeppy to start paying me. I hope I’ve made something useful enough that you’re willing to pay me to keep working on it :purple_heart:.

Have you considered offering free accounts with paid extra features?

Yes, there’s been lots of good conversations about it on this forum. Check out these topics for example:

What happens to games I've created if I downgrade?

They will become accessible only to you and you’ll be unable to edit them (even moving tokens and using the laser is disabled). But you’ll still be able to export them as JSON or as a PNG and you’ll still be able to pan around on them and use the “View as Player” feature.

Is my credit card information secure?

Yes. Your details are sent directly to Stripe without ever passing through Shmeppy’s servers. Stripe is secure enough that I’ve subscribed to Shmeppy myself with my actual credit card and I haven’t had any reservations about doing so.

Security exists on a spectrum so this was “the short answer”. If you have more questions or want a way longer technical answer, please reach out.

Can I pay with Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, etc?

I may add the ability to do this. It would take a fair amount of time and effort though so please go vote in this poll if you’d like to show your support for that effort.

What happens if I subscribe before June 1?

Even if you subscribe early you still won’t be charged until June 1 at the earliest (if you got the email saying that you won’t be downgraded until then).