Subscriptions have landed!

All of you lovely GMs will soon be receiving an email (it’s sent when you visit a game you own) that begins with:

Creating and editing maps on Shmeppy now requires a GM account. Players still don’t need to subscribe (nor do they even need an account).

This is a huge release. Thank you so much to all the amazing testers who helped shake out bugs and gave me feedback on the website. This would be a much scarier and rockier experience without all of your help :purple_heart:.

I’m excited for an even Shmeppier future and I hope ya’ll continue with me into it :blush:.

(Also wanna mention the FAQ: Subscription Launch FAQ)


That’s cool man, I hope it works out well for you. Schmeppy’s excellent and I’ve enjoyed using it, however I just can’t justify $4.99/mo with the current feature set.


I’d prefer not to have everyone who chooses to leave the platform tell me “Shmeppy’s not good enough for this price tag” on their way out. That’d be pretty brutal :sweat_smile:.

I know many of ya’ll will choose to go elsewhere and I’ve taken a lot of care to make the migration painless. You’ll be missed :purple_heart:. I hope Shmeppy draws you back in one day.


I’ve been using Shmeppy for what I assume must be almost a year now (due to the pandemic) and it’s been a lifesaver. I’m satisfied with the payment model being pushed towards the DM and not the players, and happy to start supporting and seeing what this grows into. Hoping other DMs feel the same :slightly_smiling_face:

(Also, at some point, one of my players reached out to you on Discord to ask about where the name comes from, and you’ve been a legend at our “table” ever since!)


What features are missing that would justify a $4.99 a month price tag? I’d love to see dynamic fog of war, but that big of an undertaking could be expensive, like $4.99 a month expensive.

I’ve said it before on the Discord, but I’m very excited that this change is here. This is a good product. I’ve seen people mention that, “It’s a good system, I use it all the time, I can’t believe its not free anymore” and it boggles the mind.
I think its understandable that without support, there is no product. I am glad to be able to support something I believe in. Thank you for the hard work you’ve put in so far to make Shmeppy. It just works.


This program has kept my online games running so smoothly. Thanks again for all your hard work in creating it!