Updated Timeline Request

As Shmeppy’s last long-term roadmap is now over half a year old, and subscriptions have landed, I’m wondering if you have an updated view of what features you plan to add, improve, or consider in the next few months. When I learned Shmeppy was transitioning to a subscription model I toyed with the idea of using a different program, but quickly found that Shmeppy was the most intuitive, effective, and enjoyable for myself and my players.

With that said, I know there are features I would still like to see that have already been discussed in the forum, ie better token differentiation for ease of recognition, an improved labeling system, and imported maps/textures.

Thanks for working so hard to develop such a streamlined and effective app!

I’m glad Shmeppy held out for you, I hope others make the same decision. I’ve made a roadmap post with my plans during this grandfathering period at least, and tentatively what I’m thinking about after that.