Roadmap during this 2-month free period

Alex1 asked for an updated roadmap since it’s been awhile since I posted the last one.

My plan for this two month free period, which we’re a little less than halfway through already, is to do a few things:

  1. Launch the multi-select tool. This is coming along well enough and you can use a preview of it on the testing site already. This’ll allow copy+paste between maps which I think will be quite nice.
  2. Create a little widget in the top bar that’ll try and encourage people to subscribe during the final month.
  3. Try and get as much of the background images feature done as I can… it’s a big feature though so I don’t expect to be able to launch it before the end of this 2-month period. I’m hoping to be able to tease it though and have it launched soon after.

My plans are always quite fluid and flexible but after that I’m very tentatively planning on doing some of the more time-consuming subtle improvements. A couple on my mind:

  • Improve how the eyedropper selects colors, so (for example) it’d be unaffected by Fog of War.
  • Create a new renderer that uses the GPU that’ll be used if the computer + browser supports it. I think that this’ll fix most of the performance problems users have hit.

But there’s so many improvements to be made so we’ll see how many I knock out.


The select feature is awesome! This solves a lot of problems like moving groups of tokens as well as making features like boats or moving objects that players are on and being able to move them. One bit of feedback is that there isn’t an intuitive way (unless I’m missing it, but see intuitive) to just deselect everything. Compared to selecting in other software, if feels like I should be able to hit escape, or something to unselect everything. I’m not sure what the answer is since obviously clicking somewhere else needs to select that cell, and right clicking is for de-selecting specific cells only, but maybe a double click or escape key press?

Looking forward to what comes next!

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Thanks for taking a look! I’m planning on having a little button appear that says deselect (and hints that you can press Escape as well).

I wasn’t feeling very well for a couple weeks there so I’m behind on things now :frowning:. But so it goes.

I plan on joining back in as soon as you add in background images. I cant give those up… How far out are you looking on that? (Roughly)…

I’m not sure, about a month or two I’d guess. There’ll be something on the testing server before that.

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