What's the status of Shmeppy right now?


Is this project dead?

I just heard about it.

I like the map tools, and the simplicity, but why is there no dice log? Is there a recommendation on the best way to handle dice?

Shmeppy isn’t dead. I still work on it every day and I make releases not-too-infrequently.

Here’s a thread on the dice rolling feature: Feature Request: Dice Roller. I do suspect it will come to Shmeppy eventually (unlike what I said in that thread a couple years ago), but it’s still a low priority feature.

This might be an interesting thread about which dice rolling programs other people are using.

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thanks! There’s a million dice programs, I just don’t want to tell players “Go buy a 2nd monitor, poor person!” lol

I use Shmeppy for the two games I run :slight_smile: For the needs I have right now, Shmeppy does really well. I think a lot of the others I’ve talked to in discord are the same way. Shmeppy just works and right now there isn’t a lot to say :smiley: Too busy playing haha

If you have 2 monitors or are great with keyboard shortcuts it’s great. But I’d like it to work well for people who can’t afford rapid back-and-forth switching between the VTT and Discord.