Loving Shmeppy ! How to easily switch between maps/boards/games?

Hi there, I’ve been using shmeppy for 4 game sessions now and I love it, it’s super fun! Way better than buggy TTS or bloated Foundry.

Just one question, and I’m sure it’s a feature I am just not quite seeing:

How to easily switch between game maps/boards? Right now all I can see is that I have to copy a link on the next map and send it to the group chat. If I don’t do that, then when I (the GM) click on it, then I go to the new map but the players stay on the old map.

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There’s been some talk around this here. I think the biggest thread is “Games” vs “Maps” / Rooms. And I suspect integrated text chat would make this simpler.

But right now there’s no better way to do it than sharing links. (If you use Discord, making a room that’s just links to maps/resources works well.)

Thanks for the response! I want to thank you for your excellent UI work here. It amazes me how much better this UI is than every other VTT out there.