Roadmap time! Major tasks at the top of the queue

Quite a lot has happened since my last roadmap post. I figure it’s past time for another.

Taxes :sob:

Some of the regions that ya’ll live in require Shmeppy to register with them and pay their local sales tax. I didn’t know this until this month :sweat_smile:.

Fortunately my current tax obligation is small. I’ll need to register with the EU and pay the value-added tax for some past transactions, but that’s about it.

Many regions have thresholds that, once passed, mean that you need to pay their taxes though. So my tax obligation in the future depends on where I land relative to those thresholds.

I’m not entirely sure what changes I’ll make to Shmeppy in response to all this information yet, if any. Whatever I do I’ll be transparent and communicate what’s happening clearly.

Tablet Support

I’ve mentioned this on Discord and probably on the forum, but I’ve come up with an interface that will allow tablet users to edit maps as GMs (as well as join as players). Hopefully it ends up working well :slight_smile:.

I’ve already started a little bit of the implementation work but it’s a fairly large task so it’ll take some time.


I became a contributor to thelounge (an IRC client) last year and I’m filled with overconfidence that I can integrate chat into Shmeppy in a way that feels good and stays true to Shmeppy’s principles.

Now as much as I love IRC… Shmeppy’s chat will not be implemented using IRC. Instead I’m planning to leverage the expansive Matrix ecosystem. I’m also hoping to set up seamless integration with Discord, which I think is the most popular chat option among Shmeppy users.

As an aside, this probably means Shmeppy will finally be getting a dice roller :sweat_smile:. Pretty easy to do once there’s a chat box.

I’m not sure of the timeline here. I’d be pretty surprised if these three major tasks aren’t complete by the end of this year, but that’s about all I can say.

There’s a lot of small and medium sized tasks that are also at the top of my queue that will steal time from these larger tasks. For example, I’m still trying to figure out how to improve the onboarding flow (both with improvements to the homepage but I’m also trying to figure out a better “try it” experience than the current credit-card-required free trial).

Thank you all for hanging out with me and using Shmeppy :blush:. We’re just about to pass 700 subscribers and I’m so happy I get to work on Shmeppy. I’ll keep working to make Shmeppy the best I can.


Have you thought about adding rotation feature to things once they are selected? Obviously not a big deal, but there have been times when I have wanted to duplicate things, but in different orientations. I would also be neat to disable things like the grid and measuring tool for players to to add some uncertainty to maps.

I look forward to where everything takes Shmeppy this year and I’m glad to support it and use it!

I think there’s been mention of rotating selections before. I could imagine adding that at some point, I’ve wanted something like it as well.

I’m so excited about that chat box and roller! Thanks for doing this!