Here comes the flood 🎨

You can now fill similar colors with the Fill tool by double clicking. (Update: this is now activated by shift clicking)


There’s some weirdness with the tool that might be surprising (especially around undoing) and I’m not sure how intuitive it is. But I figure this is a good start for now. I’m interested to hear what folks make of it.

Happy Shmepping ya’ll!


I’m so happy right now! Floooooooooooooooooooood!

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Thanks so much for this! I’m a big fan of making floorplans and whatnot, changing the colors from room to room to indicate different things. This will make that a lot easier.

Any idea when you’ll start charging for Shmeppy, John? I’d love to start supporting this.

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Check out Subscriptions are coming for the latest information about when Shmeppy will become non-free.

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